[Thinkpad] Problems with Wireless When Symantec is removed.

Aryeh Goretsky (home) goretsky at gmail.com
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Symantec Norton Antivirus seems to install many objects into systems at
different points (NDIS, TDI, Winsock LSP, file system filter drivers are
all possible points at which you can inspect a system for malware, not
to mention kernel patching) and as a guess, I would imagine there is some
sort of component or process which was installed or enabled outside of the
installation package by their software and, as a result, does not get
uninstalled through the uninstallation script created by the installer
when the software is initially loaded.

What you might want to try doing to get around this is the following:

1.  Back up all the valuable data off the system.

2.  Visit http://www.symantec.com/symnrt/ to download the latest,
     most appropriate version of the Symantec Norton Removal Tool
     for the version of the Symantec product you are attempting to

3.  Download (or have ready to install) the replacement security

4.  Disconnect the computer from the network and uninstall the Symantec
     product using the uninstall utility from the Start Menu or the
     the Add or Remove Programs Control Panel Applet (filename: APPWIZ.CPL)
     and reboot the system afterwards.

5.  Run the particular Symantec Norton Removal Tool you downloaded in
     Step #2.  Reboot once more.

6.  Start the computer up as normal, open a Command Prompt, and issue a
     "NETSH INT IP RESET C:\TEMP\RESETLOG.TXT" command per Microsoft KB
     article 299357, "How to reset Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) in Windows
     XP " <http://support.microsoft.com/kb/299357>.  You can specify a
     different path and name for the log file, but one must be specified
     on the command line, or the command will not run.  Reboot when done.

7.  Install the new security program.

8.  Reconnect to the Internet (it should now work) and allow the new security
     program to download its updates, if any.

Hopefully that will fix things.  If it does not, then I would suggest
contacting the new security product vendor's technical support and asking
them for assistance, being sure to let them know what you have done so far,
so they will know what the current status is of the notebook.


Aryeh Goretsky

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>I do not use Symantec. Ever.
>But I have a client who purchased a T-43 which arrived with Symantec
>on it.  Then he paid for an extension of the 90 day free vesion.
>I advised him on how to remove it after the subscription ran out.
>Everytime he tries to remove Symantec using add or remove in the
>control panel of Windows, it shuts down his wireless.
>I have another client who has a T-60 with the same problem.  She
>removes Symantec Security, and her wireless stops working.
>In each case, they had to reinstall Windows using the Thinkpad discs
>to get their wireless back.
>Is this a known problem?  I have never heard of this?  But two people
>in the same county in a 45 day period?
>I have not yet seen the computers in question... just gave them
>useless guidance over the phone after I heard about it.
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>do something, then you have to drop everything.
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