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Shingo Tamaru stamaru at andrew.cmu.edu
Wed Jul 7 07:54:47 CDT 2004

Sorry I mistakenly sent a message before completing.
Please disregard the previous one.

He, Ron. The message you cited is my post.

> Any body know if this is true?

This is true. I know at least five people successfully 
upgraded the CPU of a TP600E to PIII or Celeron and
cleanly boot the system.

> If so, what P III do I look for?

Any type of MMC-2 CPU should work. Just pick up one
you like considering the price, performance and availability.

Keep in mind that if you pick up one having SpeedStep
feature, the clock is set to the SS lower freq.

The method to disable the onboard RAM and cleanly boot
a TP600E after upgrading the CPU to PIII was discovered
by Sharedoc in the thread,
and introduced by Phillip Kiff in this ML
and another forum,

For those who wish to try this upgrade, read these posts


> ""
> The topic of upgrading a TP600E/770X/Z has been intensively
> discussed in the forum,
> www.thinkpads.com
> Please take a look at this forum for more info. I will give you
> a summary of the ultimate TP600E configuration I can think of,
> The fastest CPU TP600E can take is PIII-850 running at
> 700MHz. Along with this upgrade, you may also want to
> change the fan assy to the one designed for TP600X.
> If you replace the CPU from PII to PIII, the FSB will be
> changed to 100MHz. So you should disable the onboard
> RAM because it is PC66 and too slow to work at 100MHz.
> Also, you will encounter 127 error on boot after putting
> PIII but there is a way of eliminating this error.
> For more info about how to disable the RAM, see
> http://www.wimsbios.com/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=4046
> You can put two sticks of 256MB SDRAM, meaning that
> the max memory is 256x2=512MB after disabling the
> onboard RAM.
> The TP600E bios is too old and does not enable the L2 cache.
> So if you plan on using Linux, you should take the following steps
> to take full advantage of the PIII.
> 1:Create a small DOS partition at the beginning of the HDD.
> (10MB is enough)
> 2:Install DOS(FreeDOS, DR-DOS or whatever)
> 3:Boot DOS first
> 4:Enable L2 cache using a DOS app called 'cache-enabler 1.20'
> (http://dennemoso.homeip.net/ is the distribution site of this app,
> but this site is dead for while. I can give it to you if you want.)
> 5:Load the Linux kernel using loadlin.
> If you are brave enough to do all these upgrades, your TP600E
> will be as fast as TP600X. Think about that.
> Shingo""
> Ron
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