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Julian Thomas jt at jt-mj.net
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In < at mail.dgoldman.com>, on 08/15/04 
   at 05:21 PM, David Goldman <David at dgoldman.com> typed:

>Some of us have some experience with IMSI 8080 systems, Cromemco video
>cards using the S-100 bus, C/PM, Tarbell tape format, 300 baud modems
>that ...

And some of us go back to when computers were roomsized, used vacuum tubes
and 80 column cards (row binary for program decks!) or paper tape, and 4k
words was a LOT of memory!

Before 300 baud modems (the ones in the nice wooden boxes with acoustic
couplers for a handset) there was the IBM transceiving card punch that
read cards, ran the data through a rack of stuff and a dedicated line to
another rack of stuff and the companion which reproduced the cards at the
far end.

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