[Thinkpad] How to Add USB Port to a ThinkPad 760XL?

Colgrove, George George.Colgrove@state.vt.us
Fri Oct 24 11:35:08 CDT 2003

I finally got my USB 2.0 Card to work!!!  James Bryan of "JD's Used
ThinkPads" (http://www.affordanet.com/thinkpads) sells the exact generic NEC
Chip Cardbus USB 2.0 PC Card that I got off from eBay.  As a last resort, I
asked him for some advice.  He replied by giving me a list of websites that
had some general information for getting USB to work under Windows 98.  Here
they are:


What got mine to work, is that I reinitialized my ThinkPad.  I created a new
profile in the system properties window.  When I booted up it automatically
configured the system.  This time it put the PC Cards in IRQ 4 instead of 10
or 11, which is where I've had them before.  Still didn't work, but that's
where I left it.  After reading the second web page reference above, I found
two updates from Microsoft that 1) solved the USB Devices Not Working in
Win98SE problem, and 2) USB Compatibility Update.  These Updates are
240075up.exe and 241134up.exe respectively.  These need to be installed in
the order listed here.  Instantly, (well, almost - I did need to reboot) the
USB card worked.  I then decided to move the IRQ back to 10 or 11 from what
was suggested to me long ago, but it refused to work again.  I put it back
to 4 and it functioned again.  Then I had to reconfigure the rest of the
machine to make all the rest of the features work.  I finally did, so now my
ThinkPad 765D AND my USB 2.0 Card and Xircom Network/Modem card all work
100%!!!!  I'll post the configuration a bit later for your reading pleasure.

Thanks for all your help! 

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YES, ethernet and modem are not a problem, but the question was USB, and I
have never seen any USB card that is NOT cardbus, maybe someone else has
one. Cardbus is not great on a 760 series
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> Hi Bruce
> > 760 does not have USB
> I think the assertion was to find a compatible USB PCMCIA card, and then
> a USB Ethernet card via that.
> However I can find plenty of plain PCMCIA (not cardbus) dual Ethernet and
> Modem cards which look to be normal height type ii cards.
> I am glad the only time I need ethernet is when i take the laptop into uni
> (my present tp 560) and over there the modem is of no use and vice versa
> home.
> Vicky.

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