[Thinkpad] IBM TinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette 1.62 (fwd)

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Wed Nov 26 10:40:17 CST 2003

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James H. E. Maugham writes: 

> Armagan TASTAN wrote:  
>> Hi, i know this has been covered or asked many times before, but i 
>> need IBM TinkPad Hardware Maintenance Diskette 1.62..
> Why?  
> Regards,  
> James  

Bought a damn beautiful definetely brand new, never used, pure virgin T23 
machine for
725.- USD T23. 

Inside 2647-G22 and outside 2647-8MG and totally different serials. 

The matter annoys me a lot, and simply conceal and pretend myself from the 
differance. I found 1.60 but no way, it doesn't work out. One part of 
machine seems to be sold in Switzerland and the other part is England... 


Simply it's the 1.62, that's why i need it and the answer to WHY?... 

If someone has the 1.62 maintenance diskette image file, kindly please send 
it to army at kablonet.com.tr 

Best Regards,
Pittsburgh, PA 

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