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Here you seem to be talking about Peirce's ''Categories'',
which he early on called by the more concrete names of
Quality, Reaction, and Representation.  I prefer the
alternative ''Symbolization'' for the 3rd, since it
allows for 1-letterization of their hash codes.

In discussing Peircean semiotic answers to questions about
communicability, information fusion, inter-operability, or
pick the buzzword of the week, we are fully within the 3rd
category of Representation or Symbolization.

There seems to be even more confusion about P's Cs these days
than there was 10 years ago -- I blame the Internet of course --
but the first thing to remember is that they signify what all
1-place relations, 2-place relations, and 3-place relations,
respectively, have in common, respectively.

I made a drafty attempt to provide some background on Peirce's
Categories in the following section that I wrote for Wikipedia:


I would be far too fearful and trembling to look and see what has
become of it since.

I think we had some discussion of P's Cs on this list 3 years ago.
When I get time I'll look to see if there is anything useful there.

Jon Awbrey


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