[Inquiry] Models and Morphisms

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M&M.  Note 3


GBC = Gary Berg-Cross
JA  = Jon Awbrey

Re: http://ontolog.cim3.net/forum/ontolog-forum/2007-07/msg00081.html#nid03

GBC, quoting Rosenblueth and Wiener:

| "No substantial part of the universe can be grasped without
| abstraction.  Abstraction consists of replacing the part of
| the universe under consideration by a model of similar but
| simpler structure."
| ROSENBLUETH, A. and WIENER, N. (1945),
| "The Role of Models in Science",
| ''Philosophy of Science'', 12, 316-321.

JA: Not totally sure, but I think that this
    is a form of "hypostatic abstraction", as
    distinguished from "prescisive abstraction":

Cf: http://www.centiare.com/Hypostatic_abstraction
Cf: http://www.centiare.com/Prescisive_abstraction

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